TS 3040C H80 Engraver

I ran into someone that wants to sell this, and pretty cheap. It was just too much for him to use. He has had it for a while, it is running MACH 3 and am sure it and computer has not been turned on in years.
I do not know gcode or MACH3. But I have an xcarve and understand easel.
If I could get it for a couple hundred would it be worth it? I am not sure what I would do with it, it does have the extra spindle for engraving pens and bottles.

Googling this it looks like this is a low end flexible shaft driven spindle. In CNC Zone, there seemed to be many people complaining about the controller board. I doubt this is GRBL, but you may be able to replace the controller with an Arduino and a CNC controller.

It looks like it might be NEMA 17 based steppers, but the frame and bed too seem to be steel and extruded aluminum. You might be able to get this to work, but I don’t know that it offers more than you already have.