Tuning question for 3.8w laser

I have tuned my laser to the smallest dot I can get, I came up with about .0135… now trying to figure out my tool paths with speeds, step over… I can’t seem to get a really good “fill” , here is a picture, the dark ones are like 180-255 power at 50ipm , the lighter ones are 180-255 power at 70ipm

It seems like the focus is fine. It’s better than the typical value specified on the JTech website (0.014), minimum (0.011).

Yes. I think he ships the controller with a 1.5 Amp current limit selected.

Optical Output Power @1.5 amps 2.2 W

You can run at 2.5 Amps but it reduces the life of the laser.

This laser has a maximum limit of over 3W at 2.5amps and should only be over-driven like this for very short times.

What do you think the difference is, yours looks like a nice smooth burnt surface, where mine looks like a bunch of burnt lines… do I have the wrong diameter for my tool in aspire, wrong stepover…

I’m looking for that smooth surface

What step over % do you use if I could ask