Tutorial for using Autodesk Fusion 360 with the X-carve and 3d mesh

Was sick on Friday, so I spent the day learning the CAM aspects of Fusion 360 : I’d been on an old mac for the longest time, and the only software I could find to cut 3d mesh was MeshCAM (which has treated me very well) : Now that I’m on a modern PC, a whole new world has opened up :slight_smile:

While there is a lot of data scattered here and there, I was unable to find a solid one-stop-shop entry-level tutorial for X-carve users to use Fusion 360, and cutting 3d mesh specifically, so that’s what I authored below. Mainly for myself so I don’t forget anything in the future, but thought others might find it of interest as well.

I gotta say, F360 is crazy powerful, kind of freaky its’ free to hobbyists.



Thanks. Hadn’t had a need to cut a mesh yet, but bookmarked for when that time comes.

Note, and I should have made this comment above: The ‘mesh’ aspect is just a added bonus. The tutorial covers how to setup the f360 cam to just ‘cut in general’ when it comes to the X-Carve. No mesh needed, any solid will do.

Thanks: I’d seen those, helped me figure out part of the ‘why can’t cut raw mesh!??!?’ problem :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know: I was going to go vcarve from the start, then found out (back then) that it wasn’t supported on mac, so I spent my money on MeshCAM.

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