Twice today easel failed to resume properly after pause/resume

Never had that problem, but I’m most interested to here if anyone else has. We’re you able to salvage the project?

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That’s good. If it returns to 0, then it’s not as scary .

this happened to me,
I submitted an after carve it wasn’t right report about it
the response I got was that this is a known error that sometimes happens.

Not that I know of. What version of the local sender are you using?

If you haven’t upgraded to the latest one I suggest doing it now. Here’s where they are located.

I’ve had this happen randomly on different occasions, usually just seems to be a glitch. I start by restarting the job, if the problem repeats then I try shutting everything down: computer and x-carve and then starting it up again. I’ve also reset my USB on my laptop. It can also be electrical interference from brushes going out.

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I had the same problem once… paused a project then resumed it about 10 min later because of a phone call (noise) and did the same thing had to start from scratch i.e. zeroing and the hole shot… project was screwed because my bad eyes trying to rezero. Ijust don’t stop in the middle of a project anymore the exotic woods that I use are just to expensive to trust pausing a run…

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I’m escalating this to engineering.

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This is still happening. Frustrating to lose a 2 hour carve. Arg!!