Two-Color HDPE not cutting well, any advice?

I cut these labels out of the standard Two-Color HDPE sheet, and I used these bits (titanium coated end mill rotary burrs) and ended up with really fuzzy cuts. I have the Dewalt 611 router and originally had the speed set to max, but that melted the material. Also, I used the default settings for HDPE in Easel. So I turned the speed down to minimum and there was no melting, but left these edges. Am I using the wrong bits for this cut or is the router cutting speed too slow? Thanks for the help!

Interested in any replies. The one time I’ve cut this stuff I’ve had the same result.

BTW, you spelled aluminium wrong (hi from Australia…)

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I have no experience cutting this stuff, but what about a downcut spiral bit? Also, for the Dewalt, I believe someone said they never had to go over 2 for speed setting.

Haha! My shame is visible for everyone to see!

I’ll try those. At 2 it’s cutting like butter, so that makes sense. I’ll try a downcut spiral bit when I go to make a few more of these.

Anyone else have any other thoughts or experience with this material?

when you say a burr, is it one with lots of teeth? That would be the problem if so.

for plastic, you want 1 or 2 flutes.

I saw the picture linked of your bit.

this will sort you out.

ah, yes. I use a vac table with plastic sheet. That’s why I prefer the upcuts for clearing the swarf

perfect X-Carve project. I used mine to make the table I use.

I used a Dual Flute Straight Flute End Mill for this and it cut well.

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I’ll use a single or 2 flute bit for the ones I have left. Thanks for the input everyone!

Honestly, I’m not even sure what those are for…

grinding. The ones he posted in his picture are more like chip breaker bits. Great for fiberous, hard materials like fiberglass and carbonfiber

That was going to be my next question, I’ll store these away for those materials.

I used to used straight flute bits, until I tried a down cut bit. Down cut is definitely the way to go with HDPE. Crisp edges no fuzzies.

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I use 10 degree v bits for anything with a lot of detail. I pay about a dollar each on Amazon and there are many sizes to choose from.

That is excellent quality…the best I’ve seen! Can you provide a few more details for the cut? Feedrate? Depth per pass? Bit size? Where did the bit come from? Thanks!

I had this problem…

What I found that works best is straight flute and speed at 3. I have the ipm set at 65.

I also put the HDPE is the freezer before I use it. I have 60+ students and I think these settings have worked. I might need to try the downcut bit next year!

If you are talking about the Dewalt, save yourself some brushes and drop the speed to 1.

1 is already too fast for plastic. I am regularly cutting plastics 80 to 120 ipm.

*edit: not acrylic. That is a whole different monster.

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