Two stage carve detail path went off track?

Ok, everyone, never had this problem before. I did the roughing pass. No problem at all. Changed bit and went though the steps. I am using the probe. I also selected use last xy zero. Hit carve. Machine did not lower th bit but it did travel across the entire work piece and beyond. It was as if the xy zero was somewhere else. Also, the bit never lowered.

I stopped the machine, it started in the direction of xy zero but kept going to the stops. After getting everything back under control. I ran simulate no success. I had to exit out of the program and reopen to easel.

This time everything worked fine. So, to all the experts out there, what could cause this?

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No, it headed for a home position someplace off the table. Had to hit the stop

After I stopped it I tried to simulate tool path. It would flash on screen then disappear. I closed easel and reopened and started fresh. It worked just fine

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I have to finish this tonight. Tropical storm Nate (soon to be a hurricane) is predicted to go directly over my house Saturday night. I will be finishing my prep tomorrow

Hey Phil, been following your posts… You do some amazing work and provide great feedback and support along with the Inventables folks.

I just started having an issue with two stage carvings. During the rough cut, about midway through, easel shows the finished screen but the job isn’t complete, it just freezes where it is at. This just started happening a few days ago, before that no issues. I haven’t changed anything that Im aware of.

Have you or anyone else experienced anything like this? Phil, hope all is well with the storm.


I have not had my carve do that on a roughing pass. I would suggest to call the support team. They are truly great in helping with problems. They are looking into why my detail pass lost the xy zero position.

We got very lucky with the storm. Hurricane Nate passed just to the east of us which meant we were on the dry side. All safe.

Thanks, will do; they do have a great team. The forum community is great too. Glad all went well with the storm; its been a rough year…