Two Stage Carve won't simulate both tool paths

Hello fellow Carvey users. I am very much in the learning phase. Trying to do things, breaking bits and scratching my head.
I uploaded a simple DXF file. File loads fine. I choose the 1/4" bit for roughing pass and 90 degree for the detail pass. Program gives me times for both passes at 10 min each. I hit simulate and it simulates only the roughing pass. It will not show the detail pass. Tried to go ahead and carve to see what it actually does and after getting the spindle running I hit carve and a message pops up and says there is nothing to carve. After a dozen attempts, I hoped one of you smart people knows what I’m doing wrong.

My guess would be you are using to large of a bit and it will not carve anything. Try a 1/8 or 1/16 bit for the roughing and see what you get. You could also try a vbit for the roughing to see what happens.

can you please share this project. I can review the settings in detail and identify the issue and a solution for you if i can get into the details a bit more. thanks!

IpadHolderv2.dxf (871.8 KB)

Thanks Seth!

Sorry, should have watched the video you sent first!

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Thanks Wayne. I have tried changing bit size, wood type, about every change I can think to do with the same results. I’m wondering if the file is being read properly but have no idea. Seth is looking into it now.


Ok, so the issue is that the design is inverted and because of that you had to set it to “outside the path” and then set a depth, well when a Vbit is used for “outside the path” and the depth is too deep that the vbit cannot go that deep within the width constraint of the design, then no toolpath is generated for that area.

Here’s the Fix:
Using some tricks i’ve learned over the years to separate the design we can create 2 separate selectable design elements. Then set the Engraving part as a “…pocket” cut type and the Perimeter as “outside the path” ; like this top one after and the bottom is the before i separated the parts…:

I assume you want to cut the perimeter using the endmill, but Easel doesn’t allow this when using a 2 bit carve, the Vbit will be used to cut the perimeter UNLESS you use the workpieces to separate the carve even further.
And this is where I will make one Workpiece (the bottom panel) setup for the Vbit engraving portion only, like this:

and the 2nd workpiece for the perimeter cut using the endmill like this:

And using this multiple workpiece method is how I’m able to control which bit is used in specific sections of different projects… here’s a video showing this concept in a bit more complex project since it also incorporates a pocket cut for the tray as well…

Here is the copy of your project with the edits I explained above under the workpieces titled “Seth Mods”

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