Two stage carves - detail carve going too deep

Hey Guys,
This is the first time working with two stage carves. I started with a simple square 4" and longhorn icon in the center with an 1/8" Rough pass and Ive read a few posts of similar issues but most were when setting the zeros by paper. In this case I am using the ZProbe and still end up with a messed up detailed pass. The Rough pass (1/4") was successful. I made sure the collet wasnt slipping and I didnt move the x and y when I changed out the bit. Any ideas / suggestions?

Im attaching a few pics of my settings and the project itself

Here is the Rough pass (1/4")

Here is the detailed pass (1/8")

2 stage settings

Cut settings

Overall screenshot

How are you zeroing the Z axis for the bit change? do you use the touch plate?make sure if you do that u use the the same flat spot on the project every time , if the material has any deviation in thickness you will see it if you do not zero the Z in exactly the same spot.

Hey Fabian,
I do use the touch plate. I put it roughly in the same spot ( typically the corner of the material where the xy zero would be). I have no tried zeroing the z axis manually.

Are the bits the same style? Is one a ball end versus straight?

@JustinBusby both ends are straight on the bits.

I am running into the same issue. Any ideas on this one?

Can be inconsistent Z-reference point, expanding of wood after 1st pass, bowed material etc.
Need more input to increase precision of reply :slight_smile: