Two stage cuts ...need help

so i did my first two stage cut and used a 1/4 straight on a sign to do the large area and a 1/8 bit to do fine finish , what happened to me after the first cut , i thought i zero to the same it left me with off set , how can i prevent this in the future , is there a way to look at specific measurements and or quadrant read outs to make sure it doesnt happen again

When you change your bit for the detail pass your router should be in the home position, you set your Z axis for the different bit and then use last home position ( X & Y ).
Did your router move when you changed your bit?

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moved a little changing the bit , because i had trouble removing dust shoe


There’s the problem.



The Xcarve (and most other hobby CNC´s) are open loop systems - there is no positional feedback and the controller simply assume all commands are performed.
So if the machine is bumped out of position, or loose steps for whatever reason during carving its unaware and carry on as nothing have happened.

If you have homing switches installed you can have a known reference point, as all work zero etc are stored (presistenly) as an offset from machine zero (Machine home position)

Other than that, see Neils suggestion above.

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mine’s super crude, if i have a pencil mark i always zero it again between bit changes
but in cases it gets cut out for example my fretboards. I have a spot I always mount it on a piece of mdf on my machine with a second block butted up against the routers mount & the rail with an arrow to a point on the wasteboard.