Two Stage Issue 60 degree

I can’t seem to figure out this situation with Easel (and Pro) in that I select 1/4 bit on roughing and 60degree on detail. When I preview it, the 60 degree bit overtakes all the roughing cuts so it’s vcut everywhere.

here’s a quick explanation of how multi bit carving with Easel works currently:

Whenever 2 bits are selected; the “Roughing” bit will only be used to rough in areas that it can fit, as needed to create clearance and flat bottom pockets. Things the Roughing bit does NOT do: any cut type set to any of the 3 “Path” related options, so no “on path” or “inside path” or “outside path” it simply ignored those and ONLY does rough clearing of “Pocket” cut types.

The “Detail” bit does the perimeter of the “Pockets” in order to create the angled walls. It also does ALL of the “path” related cut types.

IF you want more control of which bit goes where, I suggest using the “workpieces” at the bottom and duplicating the design, then picking and choosing what design elements need which bit and then running them each as their own carve. Just like I had to in this video in order to get this Catch All Tray made.

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