Typsetting - tool path

Very rough and inconsistent results from tool path - it repeats back and forth vs. simply executing the letters in one pass. This causes letters to be deformed and “rough.”

Please help!
Is it possible to edit tool path and clean up or no?

This is on an X-Carve Pro?
Can you share the project?

Hey @PatrickRyan, I think the issue is the combination of the font, the fact you’re using a v-bit and some mechanical issues with your machine. The way you have the toolpaths setup creates a lot of zigzag moves at a very small scale.
For something like this, I’d use a single line font and trace with the V-bit, adjusting depth to get varying widths.

Thank you for your input. The font I’ve used is a single line font, very thin. A V-bit was recommended by everyone in the group chat. I am unfamiliar with controlling the toolpath. I wish it would just simply draw the letters single line. The depth seems fine and on thin material I have very little variance to play with and keep consistency. Do you know how to set a font so I can use it on all letters/numbers and tell it not to go back and forth and jump around?

Import a single line font.
I did this quickly in Inkscape, and I’m sure it could be simplified.

I am soo new…lol. How do you import a single line font? I can see what you provided, thank you! How do i edit this - seems like the text is uneditable . I see you used InkScape, is that another program I assume and you just import it? You’re the best for helping me!

Because it’s not technically text, but open paths in the shape of text.

Inkscape is a free vector graphic design program (along the same lines as Adobe Illustrator). Inkscape has a single line font extension built in.
Extensions → Text → Hershey Text

Save the SVG in Inkscape. Import into Easel.

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