U.S. Army project

8’’ circumference, 60 degree v-bit, 1/8’’ shank, 1/8’’ plunge on 1/2’’ plywood. Bottom right hole is screw I fastened to the table…
Don’t know why I had blowouts, maybe because I only did an 8’’ round plague?


Is that plywood?

yes 1/2’’

That’s what I thought. If it’s the cheap stuff from Lowes or HD, it’ll have plenty of voids and/or patches. Carve will look better in a solid piece.

All that time and work and you used plywood? No wonder you had blowouts.

40 mins of work, and I’m new to the machine so i’m basically trying to feel stuff out…
As I’m learning, plywood and mdf has lots of blowouts… but i’m looking for the cheapest method :wink: lol
But I’ll be replacing plywood with oak or such, like I said I’m just learning and I don’t want to ruin good wood to learn on.
What kind of wood is best for good looking cuts from cheapest to expensive?

Try that design on one of those cheap, premade, stool/table rounds. They’re probably made of pine.
I get it, I thought wood was cheap until I realized that woodworking was different than building shelves in the garage…


Start off with pine, poplar. Then go to maple, oak and walnut. Depending on what is available go to bamboo, mahogany then to exotic woods. Have fun.

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I like the army logo. Since you are new explore the different projects that people have done under the project category. I have some videos that may help also. Welcome. Here is the link.

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where did u get that image from? i have been looking for that exact image with good resolution but no luck.

I usually just use pine or poplar. Aspen machines very nice as well. All pretty cheap and I just stain to make look like walnut or oak or whatever.


Might be the best available: