Ubuntu Universal Gcode sender died

So today I go to my workshop to run some modified part jobs and UGS decided to die or rather refused to run. Gave me some errors. I’ve been toying around with migrating to LinuxCNC … this has become the catalyst. I tried chili pepper and it really hates the gcode files I’m sending it for some reason. UGS didn’t seem to mind them. I’m going to triple check the export and make sure it didn’t export as something other than generic GRBL but I’m about to pull the trigger on Linux cnc regardless. Wish me luck. Any words of wisdom would be lovely.

Here is the UniversalGcodeSender-v1.0.8.zip (9.5 MB) fresh copy for you.
erase yours, open another directory name it Universal GCode Sender then unzip this in it. Latest one I know. Works like a charm.

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thanks @AlanDavis as sad as i am to move away from ubuntu i think i’m just going to put my old version of windows back on it. LinuxCNC requires a parallell port and i’m in way over my head with that for the time being. maybe down the road i’ll build another CNC and tinker when i have time.

I love me some Linux but i really dont have time to troubleshoot it right now. need to start making things and stop eating material :wink:

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