UGCS locking up on big carves

I wanted to seek some advice from those who have had issues with UGCS crashing or locking up when attempting long and/or detailed carves (and more importantly, what you might have done to fix it). I’ve had a couple projects fail recently when UGCS suddenly decided to lock up for no reason, and when it happens 4 hours in to a 5 hour carve that only makes the frustration worse. I know I’ve read some comments here from people who have said that they always use Easel for big carves because UGCS seems to have trouble with them. I, however, try to stay with UGCS whenever I can because most of the time Easel refuses to “see” my X-Carve. Using Windows 10, latest version of Java and UGCS (1.0.9). I’d appreciate hearing any tips/tricks.

I use the nightly build of UGS v2.0…and have had great success with long and detailed cuts. What version are you using?

EDIT…saw the version you are using…try the nightly build.

Just checked the github page…the nightly build is failing…so check their repository and go back a few days.

Get yourself a copy of PicSender. It easily handles very large jobs without locking up. I had the same issue until I started using it. You can download a trail version to try out before you but the full version. The trial will only carve 1/2 of your file but it is enough to get the feel of how it works. It is the only thing I use now. Here is a link to their web site.



+1 for PicSender. Thants what I use now. Well worth the nominal cost.

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Thanks, Charley and Rick! That’s precisely the sort of tip I was looking for! I’ll go give it a look.

With the nightly build, I have sent g-code files in excess of 900k lines. The new version really fixes a lot of the little issues with the v1.0.9.

I also bought picsender and it works, but I prefer the interface of UGS.

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Yeah you need a updated version of UGS.
The Stable build version of UGS has a memory error that happens with larger files. It keeps generating java errors until it bogs now and locks up.
The was corrected in the 2.0 nightly builds versions