UGCS not moving x carve proper distance

Hello. New guy here. Trying to figure the Ugcs out. I’ve been running easel just fine but when I go to Ugcs and run a file it shows it moving properly in the software but the machine barely moves at all. I have searched the forums for some time now but I can’t find any answers. Thanks for any help. $$ shows the x,y, and z travel at 44, 44 and 180 I believe which seems to be common.

Set the ugcs to inches that should help.

Thank you for the information. Can you possibly advise how to go and do that? Ive been unable to figure that out. Thanks

In version 1.0.9 top right corner

I actually have done that and still barely moves. Any other ideas?

Step size shows 1 and I’m in inches. It moves maybe and 1/8inch or less. I’m

What is your $13 value?

0 is what is showing

If you are working in inches you need to have grbl report inches. Set $13=1

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