UGS is failing to move X-carve when jogging, but homes without issue

So I’m trying to use some custom Gcode from HSMworks on my X-carve 1000mm by 1000mm. It has an Arduino controller and jogs fine within easel (see here) but when I try to do the same in the universal Gcode Sender, I get no movement (see here).

I want to use UGS because it’s my understanding that easel homes before all custom Gcode so I have to position the part on the build surface relative to its home in CAD. I’d like to use UGS to have the Gcode start exactly where I jog the endmill to.

This X-carve is very new to me so I don’t have the slightest clue of what I’m doing wrong. One thing to note is if I press the home button in UGS, the machine homes with no difficulty, so I think it has something to do with how UGS is sending the move commands.

These are the settings I’m using to connect to the controller, they appear to connect to it without issue:


Easel should be able to use your gcode if you use a grbl post processor in the CAM you are using. I would look for some Gcode that you have in your program and eliminate it if it isn’t necessary. Grbl doesn’t like all Gcodes. Also if you are trying to jog with the keyboard…I think there is a bug with that. You need to use the arrows on the monitor with a mouse.

GRBL G-code definitions (

try the keyboard symbol, middle of the jog arrows

Increase your STEP SIZE AND FEED RATE (lower left corner) are set so low that it appears to not be moving, but It is moving (i can hear the stepper motor), just in tiny increments, so small that it’s tough to see… It’s set to 1mm step overs in that video, increase to like 25mm, or 1" and the FEED to like 700mm/min and you’ll see some action there…

Thanks for the help I actually hadn’t tried running Gcode yet I just couldn’t even get it to jog. Apparently the speed was just set way too low. Didn’t even realize the default speed could be an issue.

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Wow, that did the trick, thank you so much I was really stumped. I have no idea why the default speed was so slow. I don’t even think it was about the step size really, at the speed it was trying to move at, the motors just didn’t have enough juice to move at all I think. But turning up the speed helped, thanks so much!

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Thanks for the input! It seems that my issue was how that the speed was set so low.

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