UGS pendant Jogging using generic USB controller

A simple pendant implementation with jogging that works with Universal G-code sender. Am using a very cheap usb game controller like in the picture

(under usd 10 on ebay). Works really well, have configured to the analog sticks for slow movements and the dpad for quick. The other keys can be configured for other purposes. Check out the video sorry for the poor video quality

Cheers :slight_smile:


What software are you using to interface the controller?

Used autoHotkey script to map the gamecontroller to generate gcode

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Easy enough! Thanks!

coding noob here. Could you elaborate more on how the controller is set up thru the UGCS? you write a script and then what? how does ugs get the script you wrote and how does it know what you want it to do?

sorry for the questions. ive been wanting to add a controller but there doesnt seem to be any tutorials out there taking me step by step and the coding seems daunting to me :confused:

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The basic idea is to write a script that will map a key on the controller to the command required by UGCS. Search for auto hotkey macros for game controllers. The end result is like typing the g code in the command window

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Any chance you would share the ahk script? Iā€™m just starting on a project similar to this and it would save me a ton of time.


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NebMilbourn - I know this is a long time past but to anyone else also ā€¦ there is a free program called joy2key that allows you to program joystick inputs to keyboard and then you can map them inside UGS. I think joy2key is easier than AHK especially for newbies but to each their own.

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Have ditched this to new setup

Arduino Shield V3 + Arduino uno with GRBL 1,1
Raspberry Pi 3 running raspberry PI with BCNC
Generic Wireless Mini Keyboard with mouse for input / pendant

Much Simpler and works Amazing

In the process of designing a stand along pendant