UGS with Fusion 360

I am just getting started using Fusion 360 and can get the code to the X-carve at all using the UGS. It seems to connect becuase when I hit connect the controller makes a noise and the lights shift but that is it. When I try to transfer a file it stops a line 20 every time.

What kind of error is generated?

What version of UGS?

Can you post the first 30 lines of your gcode?

its 1.0.4

(T1 D=1.191 CR=0 - ZMIN=-6.85 - flat end mill)
G90 G94
G28 G91 Z0

T1 M6
S4119 M3
G0 X102.335 Y13.821
G1 Z1.169 F2717.3
X102.331 Y13.819 Z1.139
G2 X102.321 Y13.815 Z1.111 I-0.206 J0.527
X102.303 Y13.809 Z1.086 I-0.195 J0.531
X102.281 Y13.802 Z1.067 I-0.178 J0.537
X102.254 Y13.795 Z1.055 I-0.155 J0.544
X102.224 Y13.789 Z1.05 I-0.128 J0.551
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.988 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.926 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.864 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.802 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.74 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.678 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.616 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.554 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.492 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.43 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.368 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.305 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.243 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.181 I0.099 J-0.557
X102.027 Y14.903 Z0.119 I-0.099 J0.557
X102.224 Y13.789 Z0.057 I0.099 J-0.557

The first issue I can see is you’re using a really old version of UGS. The current version in that issue of UGS is v1.0.9. A lot of people are using the latest which is v2.0, which is still under development but nightly stable builds are available for download at Click on the “Latest Stable Build”, download the file and install it.

It appears that you get an error when it processes the line defining arc movements. It could be the old UGS you have had issues in that area.

I may be mis remembering here, but I think others have had issues with true arcs before (way back during the summer, i think). I think it had something to do with the fact that the G-shield doesn’t handle them well. IIRC it does arcs as a series of small segments that look like an arc. I wonder if this combined with the old software is part of the problem. Do a little searching around here about arcs, and you may find something.