Unable to delete projects from Easel

hey guys.

I have a bunch of untitled projects in Easel that have nothing in them. (probably me just goofing around with the software)
well I wanted to delete a few of these so my previous projects list wasn’t all spammed with useless files. But when I try to delete them it says Oops, Unable to delete. Just wondering if its a bug or something else.

Thanks again guys.

i am having the same issue. hopefully one of the software guys sees this post and looks into it.

Same here.

Same here

Ditto. Although I don’t get an error message. The files I choose to delete just get highlighted in red, but nothing happens to them otherwise.

mmmmm same here and i am still having the issue of things not showing up when i hit carve like the keyboard symbol and the lock unlock buttons

So I am curious I notice alot of these little problems with easel and I hope someone from inventables can join the convo and tell me why these little problems happen I am extremely worried about my 100 or so easel projects that i have made and I am just worried that one day i will open easel and they will all be gone or something I have spent up to 6 hours per easel file on some of them and it would be a real shame if i lost them

this is not intended to make easel or inventables look bad

and i know i know lol I probably should have not created these complex files in easel and in fusion 360 or something i know easel is intended for the hobbyist

thanks :eyes:

This is an issue I’ve raised a few times throughout the forum.

For one thing I’d like to have a way to locally back up or store projects that I’ve worked on, in case Easel’s servers all take a dump one day.

For another thing, the dev team at Inventables work hard, but they seem to often roll out changes to Easel without thorough testing and without telling anyone or making any kind of version tracking or reversion possible for the end user. Consequently, when there’s a bug it’s impossible for us to do anything but complain about it, because we didn’t have the choice to upgrade, and we can’t go back to a stable version.

This has the result of undermining Easel’s reliability.
I’ve been a member of this forum for almost a year now. I’ve seen people join and get their X-Carves who come from all over the place experience-wise.
There are hardened CNC vets, hobby woodworkers, YouTube content creators, graphic designers, artists, complete newbs, professional shops, teachers, you name it.
A lot of people rely on Easel for their CAD/CAM solution because it’s their only option and it’s the one Inventables pushes as a companion to X-Carve and Carvey.
If it’s buggy or unstable, it makes me feel like my whole machine is buggy and unstable, and that’s not a place I like to be when dealing with a computer-controlled power tool. When the software that controls the power tool is in doubt, the safety of the machine is in doubt.

Hi Guys,

First, I’m sorry about the issue with deleting projects. I know how frustrating it is when a tool you rely on isn’t working properly. I also completely understand @Mike’s point about it undermining Easel’s reliability. You put hours into your projects. The last thing you want is the software or the machine getting in your way. We take issues like this very seriously.

The fix for project deletion was deployed on Feb 24 at 3:53pm central. This was about an hour after our development team was made aware of the issue. The bug was indeed a regression that unfortunately made it to production only because we had no automated test coverage for it at the time. Automated test coverage was added as part of the fix per our standard procedure.

We have over 700 automated test cases of Easel covering almost every feature. We require 100% of our entire automated test suite to pass before deploying any changes to Easel. We are always evaluating our processes and tools to find ways to further reduce the incidence of regressions like this one, and we will discuss and review this issue and conversation thread in our next weekly engineering meeting.

We will never be able to eliminate all regressions. That’s just the nature of software, especially software that has to account for as many variables as Easel does: physical machines, physical materials, and infinite variations of designs and applications. But we’ll always strive to minimize them as much as possible.

We love our customers, and we want you to have a great experience using Easel each and every time. That’s why we get up every day, and we’ll keep working as hard as we can to deliver on that.


@JeffTalbot, will a stand-alone version of the Easel software become available? I will have to work in the absence of mobile internet or WiFi. A full version (client-side) Easel would be welcome.

Hi @Angelos,

I can’t say one way or the other regarding a “standalone” version of Easel. Right now we don’t have any plans to do that.

Easel does work offline once you’ve launched it. You can run jobs, and even make changes to your designs, though those changes won’t be saved until you reconnect to the Internet and make another change to trigger the saving.


Hello Jeff,

As of March 1st 4:30 CST I have 2 projects “untitled” that I am still not able to delete. Can you confirm that the Feb 24th deploy was not rolled back? Or is there an update I need to do in order to receive the update? I have tried deleting them in both Chrome & I.E. unsuccessfully.


Just tried again, and I was able to delete both items without issue. Appears to maybe intermittent.

Hi Alex,

A separate issue unrelated to the one last year was preventing some projects from being deleted. The issue should now be fixed. Thank you for letting us know about it and sorry for any inconvenience!