Unable to load the project page,

Hi, the web page does not load only when opening a new or existing project, i am using a mac, updated to the latest os, catalina. any help is appreciated. thanks

Which browser? If Safari, try Chrome :man_shrugging:

Do you get any sort of errors?
Maybe sharing a screenshot of what you do see would help as well.

I have the same issue. How about others? I am also using a Mac with the latest updates (updated last night). Reloaded the Easel drivers but that did not solve the issue.

Still not working on Safari, but does work on Chrome. I have aways been able to use Safari until today.

screen shot

Hmm,… looks like it should meet the System Requirements…

It looks like you’d need to submit a Support Request (the bottom of that linked page)

I am having the same problem… firefox crashes when I try to open my projects and chrome opens but does not show preview side… everything was a working ok until I upgraded safari…

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