Unable to tight the collet adapter and the bit to start carving

Greetings ,
I just finish assembling my Xcarve with a Dewalt 611, I was getting ready to do my first test drive and I can’t tight enough the collet adapter with the bit.



Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Regards .
Cesar . Alvarado

Did you use a wrench on the collet nut and hold the spindle lock?
Your photo shows the bit being held by the router so I am confused as to your question?

Thank you Mark, for your immediate reply,
Yes I did, as tight as possible but still the collet adapter is loose, I can pull it down with my fingers.

I will put a little lubricant on the collet thread .
Any other sugestion, welcome.
Regards Cesar.

And I assume you have the original collet in the spindle as well?
If so I am baffled.

Mark ,
Cesar Here again , I try a 1/4 bit and the collet holds it very tight , I think the adapter might be a tine smaller diameter.

Do you have calipers? Measure the adapter and the 1/8 bit shank.

I do not have the Dewalt spindle but I believe that is the collet adaptor that came with my Dewalt mount. Many in the community here are not fond of the collet adapter but I have had good luck with mine.

Well I was able to tight wrapping a thin layer of plastic on the adapter it might be a temporary solution.
I will request a replacement.

I would not do that the plastic will yield with temperature rise and working load then the bit will pull and you will be cutting too deep.

Are you sure you’re not using 3mm shank bit? Also, don’t use plastic on the shank to make it wider because you will not be able to use the Z probe, to zero the Z axis, as the shank is not making proper contact with the collet.

It is NOT a temporary solution. It’s a dangerous solution, to both the machine and operator, that you should absolutely not do.

Caliper bits. Get replacements. Order a real collet from Elaire. Ditch the collet adapter.


Don’t use anything to wrap the collet. To much danger of slippage.

Looking at your picture of the collet adapter, I don’t see any slits along its length. If that’s true, then you have a defective adapter. Contact inventables, their support is great.

Thank you Darrin,
They just send a replacement.

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On a quick glance it looks like your adapter may he upside down on the shaft. I am not near my machine so I cannot confirm

I also had the same problem, sent an email to support but haven’t heard back. I went and bought some 1/4 bits and ordered the 1/8 inch collet nut from inventables. I tried the adapter both ways and tightened 1/4 inch till it bottomed out on router, could still pull bit out by hand. Collet not the right side for bits.

Hi Alan
They are out of the office until Tuesday. Are you able to post pictures of your setup?

That might help us understand if it is a configuration issue or a defective adapter.

We include the adaptor for free to be able to use 1/8” bits with the standard collet. The standard collet provided by DEWALT is not designed for the X-Carve so the “run out” is less than ideal. The precision collet and the Euclaire collets are designed to reduce the run out.

Thanks to everybody who send their opinion about the collet adapter,I
Indeed the adapter I received with the Xcarve was a bit smaller. so they send a new one and this fits and tights the bits correctly.

Hey Zach,
Is that what you need. Bits will pull out with out hardly any pressure no matter how tight you tighten collet.
I also ordered the 1/8 collet from Inventables but it won’t fit in collet nut on this machine. Am I doing something wrong.
I also want to give you an alternate email for me as this is my wife’s. The one I use the most is agraham@lasalleso.com that is my work email.