Unbelievable amount of wasted movement

Using pro at the moment due to a font. I have never seen so many wasted movements. I’d bet this crap is adding at least 25 minutes, probably more to the total carve time.

Just pecked 2 spots in each corner, then moved on to something else. Instead of just running the edge.

Just pecked a spot inside the L, then moved on, then came back and instead of clearing the area in one path. It does a circle, lifts the Z, puts down runs a circle, lifts the Z then does another circle. It is doing this for EVERY SINGLE LETTER. Absolutely insane.

Are you using two-stage carve? I noticed similar issues during my last larger carve. It was during then detailed stage of the carve and there seem to be a lot of inefficient movements inside and outside edges/corners.

Yep, 2 stage carve. Did another single stage and there was zero wasted movements like on the 2 stage.

I am having the exact same problem doing the exact thing…super frustrating!

Me too. I watched it just cut random areas above the workpiece and the random pecking… probably added another 10 min to the carve. it was doing it on each level of the cut.

Is there a fix in the works for this? When i purchased pro it was to save me time on carves. Very disappointing.

Might want to tag some Inventables folks to look at the potential bugs…

@JeffTalbot @rodovich @Zach_Kaplan

This has become a constant issue…a mentioned in another thread that I was carving two shapes…and the machine would carve one plunge on one shape…then raise up and move to the next shape, carve one pass there then lift up and move back to the first shape…it repeated this process for the entire carve…I was losing my crap at how illogical this whole situation was.

Curious question, how good is VCarve at this? Does it do pretty well in not wasting movement?

Awesome. I’ve been using it for laser g-code and for designing things and bringing the svg over to easel. I haven’t gotten into toolpaths for the router yet. I just haven’t sat down and looked at creating any toolpath other than for the laser.

We are always working on making the tool paths in Easel more efficient. The best way to report a problem is to click “No” at the end of a job when it asks if everything turned out OK. Then click to get help from Inventables and describe the observed issue with the tool path strategy. You can also attach pictures or videos right there. Submitting the form will automatically capture all of the data about your project, material, bits, tool paths, etc. for us to take a look at, and someone from our customer success team will follow up with you.


Hi Jeff… what if you export your gcode? is there another procedure?

The carve I did today did the roughing with a 3/8" and the detail with a 60 degree v bit. It was a stacked text project. What I am seeing is that the v bit will trace the design several times before actually carving. It did that several times throughout the carve. it was an hour long detail pass, however it only actually was touching material about 20 min.

Do you mean exporting g-code and running the job through another sender besides Easel?

yes… I have been using BCNC for running my GCode.

If you are not using Easel to control the machine then you won’t be able to take advantage of the error capturing process that I described above. You can still contact our customer success team and provide a link to your project and the gcode files that you used.

Ok thanks Jeff.