Understanding Work Zero

I’ve searched trying to find a better understanding of work zero’s. I’m trying to carve a piece offset to the bottom center of my material. Per watching a video from Paw Paw’s Workshop, I set it to be at 0,0. And the end result was it carved into the center…

Can 1) someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, and 2) provide any reading material/videos of actual information to further understand what’s going on short of making 5 different test cuts to see what setting does what…![07 PM|690x390]

On the XCarve, where did you put the milling tool before starting the carve?

Oh, this is how you should think of it… you see that black circle at the bottom-left corner of the work area in Easel? That black circle represents your milling tool at the very start of your carve. With the design centered over that black circle (as you have it in that second screenshot), you want to start the job with your machine at the center of where you want the finished carve to be. Like this:

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I used to get confused about this as well. You can look at it this way. The location that you have selected as your position (Center) is where you are planning to start your carving. So, in this case, you should bring your router to the center of your work and that would be your starting point. *Do make sure to also set zeros for X and Y in there".

I hope that this might help. You will be so comfortable making these settings after couple of times. Good luck :slight_smile: