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Underwear gun

my brother needs an underwear gun for his Archer Halloween costume. so now that fusion made doing 3d a bit easier, i gave it a try, not too bad, but i should have looked at the the other side of the board, id had a cut out, so i need to remake this half and do the other half yet.


I read the title of this post wrong, i was expecting a gun which fired underwear. :grinning:


nope, just a gun that is housed in your underwear

It loos a lot like a Walther PPK.

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it is, just scaled down a little.

Be sure to paint the end of the barrel bright orange


are you not worried about sanitary issues? XD

im not the one crotching this thing. id be more worried about splinters. ill let him do the finish work though


I know. What’s next, he’s going to be dressed as a clown ?

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Clowns are out these days. Too many people hearing about them luring children into forests etc…

I can’t find a local supplier here. :confused:

nice. looks like i need to work on my settings though. mines not as smooth as that, i have all the contour lines. being the first 3d carve, i wasnt sure what i needed to have the settings at though, that and the only ball nose bit i had was a bit dull. i just used some scrap pine i had laying around. but ill look into the premium. i have a rockler and a woodcraft store a few miles from work, and i have kettle moraine hardwoods a few miles from my house

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sweet. ill mess with the trilobite maybe. i just did the adaptave clearing

would the stepover be the same as the stepdown in fusion?

Call Kenny Loggins… cause [that gun will be] in the…

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ha. someone got it. thats actually my message alert on my phone…DANGER ZOOOONNNE!!!

Hi Phil,

Is there anyway you would share the mini AR-15 file?

I am a 20 year x air force guy and that is a darn good trinket you made!~

I’d love to have one mounted outside my gun safe.

I promise I won’t paint the tip orange. lol

Thx much



Thx much! I am going to get a 3d printer real soon… They are amazing!

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