Uneven circles, bad precision etc.. Again

I noticed after I had a rough piece milled out that it didn’t make precise hexagon for my project anymore and logos like in the picture started looking “blurry” and uneven, another thing you notice in the picture is the letter A in toyota being uneven

So far I have tried
-checking for belt slip or pulley slip on all the steppermotors.
-loosening the belt tension.
-tightening the belt tension.
-lowering the motor current.
-increasing the motor current.
-lowering cutting speed.
-carving on different places on the cutting board
-checking the belt for damage
-checking the rails for dirt or damage

  • loosening and tightening v wheels

I maybe got somewhat better after that but it’s still visible to the eye

Calibrate your steps/mm? Anytime you adjust belt tension you should calibrate your steps/mm.

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