Uneven Surface Cut

Hello Everyone,

First I want to apologize, but I am a greenhorn in the world of CNC. I have been using my Xcarve (1000X1000) without an issue. The last two pieces I’ve tried to cut have been terrible on the flat surfaces. I have the Dewalt 611, 1/8" straight bit, Recommended settings, and the router speed set at 2. I replaced the bit and checked the collet, it’s tight. I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

I suspect your z axis is loose. Specifically the Z pulley set screws and lock nut on top.
Check to see if you can move the spindle up and down by hand while observing the parts listed above.

Dust boots have been known to cause that as well. Make sure your vac hose isn’t pulling down your Z.

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Also…check your Y-axis eccentric nuts on the bottom wheels. If loose, they’ll cause the X axis gantry to rotate as the Z axis plunges into the material.

Awesome, Thank you for all of the feedback. I will take a look at all of these and report back.

There must be like five of these threads going on simultaneously at all times it seems. The Z-axis is always trouble on these machines.

Yes! which is why Inventables needs to sell upgraded add-ons like screw drive options, linear Z-drives, etc.