Uneven surface with Z-axis

I’ve been having this issue for a number of months now and have not been able to find any resolution so far. When I cut a design with a flat surface area, it cuts unevenly every time. This did not happen when I first built my Xcarve. In fact, I was amazed at how smooth surfaces were. Now, I can’t get it to be smooth at all. Any ideas why this would happen? What should I try in order to fix it? Here’s a picture of something I was working on. Notice the spaces between the letters/numbers.
Thanks in advance.

Make sure your V wheels are adjusted snug to the extrusions.
And you Z screw pulley is tight.

yes, check the two screws on the z bushing as well, those can loosen, I even had my entire carriage fall off the z-axis once. And what’s crazy is it was cutting accurately up until it literally fell off.

NCC-1701… C D E? which enterprise?! :slight_smile:

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Check your eccentric nuts on your Y-axis plates. Mine was doing the exact same thing. Loose Y plates will cause the Z axis to do that because the gantry can rotate/twist a bit as the Z bit plunges into the material. I fixed mine up by tightening those wheels and eccentrics. MUCH better!

Nice catch. It’s D. I’m a fan of Next Gen.

One of those screws was a little loose. Thanks for the advice. I haven’t had a chance to test again but I’ll let you know.

This is good to know. I’ll check those tonight and give it a shot