Universal G-Code Sender-Mac

I have been trying to open Universal G-code sender on my macbook pro and I know its a java based universal program but I cannot find the actual .jar file needed to open and run the program. I have fixed the missing files need to run the program on a mac but still having little to no luck. I hope someone can tell me that theres an easy fix right in front of my eyes. Thanks in advance.

When I downloaded UGC, I copied it to my applications folder and put a link to it on the desktop. Since it isn’t an app, it can’t be displayed in Launchpad. If you’re having trouble locating it, a search using Finder should help.

Did you copy the entire unzipped folder to your apps?

I did, but that was more for convenience.

So I copied the .zip into my applications folder and unzipped it and got this for files within the folder. I don’t see the .jar. I feel so stupid.

It looks like you downloaded the source code. Try clicking on the “1.0.8” link on the github page. When you extract that zip you should only have a jar file, a readme, and 2 script files.

I knew I was doing something so stupid and simple… Thank you Jeff.

hi, i’m trying to use Universal Gcode Sender, i’ve downloaded version 1.0.8, whenever i try to use any option i keep recieving error messages like: no suported homing for this verson, no supported kill alarm for this version, and so on… also the machine doesnt move whith the manual controls. am i missing something? the error messages refer to the version of what? i hope anyone can help, thanks.

so i found the answer myself, somehow you have to “unlock” the machine by typing ‘$X’ in the command line.

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It is also a button in machine control tab

where do you find the Universal G-Code sender for Windows 10