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Universal Gcode Sender Problems

I ran into a problem today that i cannot get fixed .
I use UGS (Universal Gcode Sender) and it has been running fine, then today something happened…
when i load a gcode into UGS it briefly shows the correct size of the Gcode , for example 3"W x 3"H then immediately shows a much smaller size like .14"W x .14"H . I have deleted my current install of UGS , installed it again from the website and it does the same thing.

I am at a complete loss as when i attempt to carve thinking it is just a cosmetic bug, it really tries to carve the smaller size. the weird thing is … it shows the correct size for about 2 seconds then changes to the smaller size.

There are people on here a lot smarter than me when it comes to working through problems, but is it a metric / English issue?
When I used UGS it would always start up in metric mode.

Thanks for the reply.
it does start up in metric mode (mm) and shows the correct metric.
when i connect my machine to UGS it then changes to standard (inches) mode , but shows a completely different size (the wrong size although it is in a different measurement calculation).
this just started happening out of the blue… not sure how to fix.
its almost like my controller is sending something to UGS that is screwy.
I am not using an xcarve, by the way . i am using a BobsCNC

Just thought I would throw it out there.
I’m still just a newbie myself.
Sorry I cant be of more help.

I don’t understand what’re you saying showing wrong size. UGS does not care mm or inches at the start. Only you can change jogging steps on machine control inch to mm.
That is your post processor tells UGS the file is metric or not.
Which application you’re preparing G code, Vcarve-Easel ???

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i have attached some pictures to show what i am talking about.
first picture (showing in inches) is after i connect my machine to UGS . it is a much smaller size .23" is smaller than 150.81mm that is shown in the second picture before i connect my machine.

@ScottPledger It looks like I’m converting mm to inches twice: 87.65 / 25.4 / 25.4 = 0.14. I would be very surprised if this was more than a display issue, but I’ll certainly fix it. (I just had a couple more questions in the github report you made)

Thanks all for your help and input.
I finally got it fixed. i went into tools -> options -> controller options . then cleared all the regular expression patterns.

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Hi ScottPledger, i have the same probleme with my cnc machine
but i can’t fix it yet
can you help me please!

Hayab , are u using universal gcode sender ?

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Yes Bro, UGS version of windows 10

I am using Windows 7 with UGS Version : Version 2.0 [Nightly] / July 23, 2017

When i resolved my issue i went to :
Tools -> Options-> UGS -> Controller Options -> then there were some regular expressions in the box at the bottom of that screen , i highlighted all the items in the box and hit the remove selected button.

check that out and see if that works for you .
my version is a little different , but maybe it has the same issue .


i am using UGS (version 1.0.9 /Nov 11, 2015)
i am going to change it to 2.0 version
Because there are just the settings of GRBL ($$)
and "Sender settings !’’ ( i’ve no idea about this settings )

Scott,Here is my 2.0 version!
Can u clarify << Tools -> Options-> UGS -> Controller Options -> then there were some regular expressions in the box at the bottom of that screen , i highlighted all the items in the box and hit the remove selected button. >>
Thank you so much for your time!



I have taken a screenshot of the screen i am refering to.
when you first open UGS hit the tools button at the top of the screen then hit options , it should bring you to this screen shown . i circled in red where in my case had some things in this box (i cant remember what was in there ) i removed everything in that box and it seemed to have resolved my particular issue. Happy to help if i can , i am fairly new to CNCing myself :slight_smile:

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Scott, Thank u bro for your help
Finally i found this Options
Tomorrow,I’ll tell you if my issue is fixed or not! :wink:

Fingers crossed. Hope it works for u

I have this problem, was it ever resolved?

Hwy Joseph, Welcome to the forum!!

I’ve tested ugs a lot and never have heard of this issue… if the problem is plaguing you, I suggest trying openbuild control gcode sender. I liked the user interface better and moved over to that one instead… functionality is nearly identical with a few added (low usage) features