Unlimited Arduino Enclosures

My ShapeOko2 primary task is to support my model airplane and arduino hobby.
A lot of my Arduino projects end up in a wired mess. This had to stop. For my last project I needed a box to hold a LCD display, Keypad, 2.4GHz antenna and battery.
The solution was some 3mm Birch plywood with all the holes to support a proper installation of the electronics.

The parts were drawn in LibreCad, toolpath in EstlCAM and sent to my ShapeOko2 by UGS. Cutting time was 29 minutes.

This allowed me to figure out the optimum configuration and this resulted in a really nice finished product. Assembly time is minimal as all components fit directly to the pre defined holes. This is where the toolchain pays off.

This box is used in the competition where it replaces the paperwork. The Judges (3) give their scores using the box, the Arduino does the math about difficulty factor and sends the result to a central Arduino. This one combines the sores of the judges and draws up the competition result. Bluetooth is used to sent the competition results to a tablet so the competitors can see their results.


The author of Estlcam is a member here. @ChristianKnull

I am a happy user of his software.

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Yes, the workflow is what sold me. I was able to jump right in and go without tutorials or a manual.

Just finished all the hardware and software for three judges

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