Upcoming changes to 3d interface

Hi everyone,
In the near future we will be making changes to interface 3d flow is using.

What is changing?
We will move away from the current approach of having several collapsible panels for Materials, Bits and Cut Settings, and use the same UI elements that 2.5d Easel is using.

This has a couple of very positive consequences

  • Interface between 2.5d and 3d will be much more familiar
  • Ballnose bits will be able to be added to toolbox and will show up in bit drawer
  • Cut settings will persist between projects using the same bit & material combo - if you have your favorite feeds and speeds you will be able to use Automatic cut settings in 3d just like you can in 2.5d

However because we need to reconcile the interfaces we will not be migrating data after new changes will be deployed. This means

  • Material settings will default to 8"x12"x0.5"
  • Bit settings will default to 0.25" ballnose for roughing and 0.125" for finishing
  • Cut settings will default to 80in/min / 40in/min / 0.25" per pass for roughing and 50 in/min / 25 in/min for finishing passes.

These values will only show up first time you open 3d project post migration. After changing any of the values above new data will be persistent and in-sync.

Why will data not be automatically migrated?
As much as we would want to migrate your existing settings, data migrations are expensive and time consuming. With very limited amount of people using 3d in it’s current stage, we feel like the energy spent on automatic migration would be too costly for us compared to other changes we have in the pipeline.

Will I have to re-import all my 3d projects again?
No. You will be still able to open your 3d projects as before. Only Bit, Material and Cut Settings data will change.

When will these changes happen
We plan to roll out new UI in the very near future, weeks at most.

Can I migrate my own projects manually?
Yes. For each projects you can save all the panels data outside of Easel, and after migration type in the values into new UI components. You can write the data down, take screenshots or save it in any other format.

Any more questions please ask them in this thread.


Material panel dropdown is now live.

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Love seeing the progress @KacperMarcisz thanks for the updates!!