Upcoming Pricing Changes

Update: Pricing will go live on March 20, 2024

Thank you all for participating in the free beta release of Easel Cabinetmaker!

Your feedback and engagement have led to countless improvements to the software, and we are very grateful for everyone’s support. We’ve spoken to many of you who have adopted Easel Cabinetmaker into your professional workflow, and we are incredibly proud to assist your businesses with our products.

Our team is working tirelessly and our roadmap is full of exciting future developments. To sustain these efforts, we will be implementing a pricing model for Easel Cabinetmaker on March 20, 2024.

The plans are designed to scale with your business’s needs. You can review the details below.

Additional info below to address some common questions:

When will these changes go into effect?

Pricing will go into effect in 3-8 weeks. We will keep all users updated as we have a more concrete timeline for release. We’ll continue to update everyone through the forum, in addition to emails and other in-app notifications.

Will I still be able to use Easel Cabinetmaker for free?

Yes! The limits of the Free plan will still apply. If you exceed the limits of any plan, you will need to upgrade your plan or modify your existing jobs and projects.

What will happen to my existing jobs and projects?

You will still have all of your jobs and projects once pricing goes into effect. If these existing jobs and projects exceed the limits of the Free plan, we recommend upgrading your plan.

I already pay for Easel Pro. Will my subscription include Easel Cabinetmaker access?

No, Easel Pro and Easel Cabinetmaker are separate products and will have separate subscriptions. We have free plans available for both products.

how much for a year versus monthly? or a bundle discount with an Easel Pro subscription.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the great questions. We will be offering Easel Cabinetmaker with monthly and annual billing options. The annual option will be at a discount, and that amount has not been finalized yet. Easel Pro and Easel Cabinetmaker are currently separate products and there is not currently any planned bundling for them. This might change in future versions of the products as their features change over time.


Thanks Ben. I’ll think about the prices as is and get back to you.

I certainly get it, but having used Moziak in the past, I don’t think you’re there yet.



Out of curiosity, having never used Mozaik, what did you think of it? Was it everything you needed??

Oh yes, for sure. They do include some one on one training. I would say the biggest benefit is the optimization and the CNC, tons more flexibility…inventables is nice, but pretty basic compared to moziak. There’s a reason Moziak is one of the most popular programs for professionals. I was using inventables for the price point…but if they’re going to bump it up, I may as well go back. Moziak was 150 per month. The design software is based on sketchup.

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Good deal. I looked at giving it a try but having to do 2-3 months up front is pretty steep to try it. I wish they had a trial or something. It looks pretty detailed and chock full of options for that price point. Definitely looks worth the cost.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for using Easel Cabinetmaker and sharing your feedback! We’ll be continuing to enhance the product in many areas over the coming months, and we’d be interested in hearing more about what you’d like to see added. Our vision for Easel Cabinetmaker goes far beyond cabinet design, by the way.

Our goal is to provide a suite of software tools cabinet makers need to run their whole business, from finding new business, collaborating with customers, to quoting/invoicing/payments and integrations with other tools you use.

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I agree 100%…

I am not a cabinet maker, and do not plan to enter that highly competitive space as I do not have the shop space to grow and become a viable competitor. With this said, I saw this cabinet software as the perfect way for me to tackle my ‘learning curve’ (I’m new to X-Carve PRO and Easel, and have been having all of the normal - and apparently not so ‘normal’ - issues and problems of a beginner).

I am still trying to get my shop set up and ready for production work, and my biggest problem is SPACE (“All shops come in one size: ‘Too Small’” - right?!?!), and the thing that I NEED most of all right now is cabinets on the walls and under my CNC machine. I WANT to make them ASAP, but have reservations.

Between the fail, after fail, after fail of the other projects that I am attempting to make as I learn the ins and outs of X-Carve and Easel, I have been dabbling in the cabinet maker software. On my first try, I had to give up and make the cabinet the old-fashioned way with machines and hand tools due to too many limitations in the current version of the software.

I have a friend who is remodeling his house and has offered to hire me to build the cabinets if/when I master this software. But between the current limitations (can’t make shallow drawers, no ‘island’ layout, no ability for cutting board pockets, no drawers behind doors, etc…, etc…, etc…), and my worries that the issues and problems that I’ve been having with other projects might carry over to the cabinet projects, I figured that I would wait for upcoming updates, and build my shop cabinets when I can finally access the tools necessary.

I figured that I had time because I did not know that the roadmap for this cabinetmaking software was to offer it as a separate product at such a steep price (only ‘steep’ to me because I do not plan to be a professional cabinetmaker - I can see the value to a professional cabinetmaker - once the program is perfected). But now seeing this new pricing schedule, I’m in ‘panic mode’. I NEED (and I mean NEED) cabinets for my shop but am reluctant to put that expensive sheet of plywood onto the wasteboard and hit ‘carve’ for two reasons.

  1. EVERY project that I’ve done thus far has had several ‘FAILS’ before getting it dialed in (sometimes ‘operator error’ sometimes inexplicable ‘ghosts in the machine’). Tec support has been AWESOME (I cant complement them enough), but it seems that everything that I try to do requires several work-arounds (making each project as multiple separate carves - or projects, or using various apps to do simple tasks). So, I’m frightened of what issues and flaws that I might find once I hit ‘carve’ on my first cabinet project. How many sheets of material will it take to dial in the cabinets before I can make a good one?? Again, I confess to being a rube beginner, but have also had problems that have not been the fault of this ‘greenhorn.’
  2. I need cabinets with shallow (height) drawers, and the shallowest that currently be made is 6" (I want 2-3" drawers for calipers, wrenches, lay-out tools, etc…), which means making my drawers separately anyway. 6" drawers are too deep for these items and a waste of very precious space.

The rest of the software’s limitations have to deal with the kitchen cabinets that my friend wants/needs. Drawers behind doors being a big one (this one is a MUST have, no one wants shelves in base cabinets anymore), so I thought that I could wait until you ‘got there’.

So my question is; How much time do I have to figure out these things and get my shop cabinets completed (and dare I dream, become competent enough to be able to make one set of kitchen cabinets)?

all my best,


Hi Joseph,
It sounds like the free plan would be your best bet. With that you can experiment with carving a small number of cabinets as many times as you need to until you get it dialed in. We’ll be adding support for additional types of cabinets, islands, and drawer sizes in the future - along with many more beneficial improvements.

I want to express my appreciation for the software experience you’ve created. While I’m not a full-time cabinet maker, I occasionally craft cabinets using my CNC machine for clients. I’ve been eagerly following the development of your software, and each new feature has filled me with excitement, envisioning a future where I have access to an even better program for the “hobbyist”.

However, I must voice my concern regarding the significant price increase at its current stage. I fully grasp that ultimately, your company needs to generate revenue to sustain itself. Yet, the current pricing seems disproportionate to the program’s state of completion. Comparing it to my existing cabinet program, which offers substantially more features for the same price, makes it challenging for me to justify the expense.

Perhaps offering a discounted rate, such as a 50% reduction, with gradual removal of the discount as the program nears completion, could be a more palatable approach? This way, supporters of your program could “buy in early” at a reduced rate, showing their commitment while also acknowledging the software’s evolving nature.


The Cabinet software is very user friendly, but the price is high. I did enjoy the beta testing of this cabinet software, but, Mozaik CNC version is $195 a month you get more option like more design to choose from of MDF doors that is already pre-program and pre-loaded tool.


I must admit I’ve enjoyed working with the beta testing which in the software world is actually a process of giving it to the end user and they will find your mistakes, short comings in design, as well as find a way to try and use the software in ways you never dreamed. Thus, finding interesting new avenues to consider or way to break things. I went to a technical high school and trained in cabinetmaking so I do have some real life experience in the process. When the beta software first came out I was very interested in the project. As time went on, the improvements were good but it’s always lacked so many needed features and some were simple items like basic corner cabinets using 45 degree designs and blind corner cabinets are so out of style these days and yet they certainly have they use. The build sheets and costing additions were really great additions as well. I’m sure your future improvements will make the product really excellent moving forward and I’m looking forward to your success.

Now about the pricing structure. I fully understand you are in business to make a profit and certainly do not fault you for that. However, with the yearly cost of the programs full usage at 249.00 per month or 2988.00 per year or 8964.00 for three years the cost is nearly 15 times higher than a 3 year subscription of the Easel Software that so many of us use. It would only seem reasonable that those of us already investing you your companies future would have a bundle price available at reduced costs and possible or at least a more cost effective model for the little guy as the majority of your customers are not big production companies. Small home shops that make up a big part of your customer base simple can’t afford high cost software as a never ending expense and the truth known I can make every cabinet part simply using easel software I just have to do more planning but once I have the basics I save it and just make simple modications for new designs.


Having just renewed my 1 year sub of easel pro Im doubtful I would be willing to shell out for these subscriptions. I have enjoyed working in the beta and a lot of it feels intuitive the design features are imo far too limited to justify those prices.


Hi Forest,
Thanks for the feedback, and I am glad that you appreciate the software we have created. We designed the pricing of Easel Cabinetmaker to scale with the needs of the business. A free plan allows users to manufacture up to two cabinets per project. You can also upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. Over time we will continue to add support for additional types of cabinet configurations, along with many more beneficial workflow improvements to support full time cabinetmaking businesses.

Hi Christian,
Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed testing the software during the free beta testing period. Our pricing offers both a free version, as well as a version which is $49/month - which we feel is competitively priced for the value. We will be continuing to add more features to the software over time - one of the benefits of a cloud based tool.

Hi William
Thank you for using the beta version of Easel Cabinetmaker. I am glad you have enjoyed it. I have a question that might help me understand your feedback better.

How many cabinet projects do you make per year and how many cabinets are in each project?

You are citing the cost of our “Full Scale” plan which is designed for large cabinet businesses. We designed the pricing to scale with the needs of a business/shop, starting at free and going up to $249/month. Most small shops that we talked with during the beta period will be a better fit for the starter plan ($49/month) and upgrading if they get a bigger job, or downgrading if they need to.

As a continuous development product - we will be adding many beneficial features over time - from new cabinet types and configurations, to better tools for managing projects, expenses, scheduling, and payments.