Update on projects

Thought I would share some of my recent projects, still learning as I go (and making a few mistakes along the way)


cool tree? self design or download?

They’re all great!

Hi Jeremy it is a Celtic tree of life from the internet, I modified it in Inkscape. It has been filled with Isopod p38 body filler (I think you guys call it Bondo) which has been dyed black, very quick to fill the gaps and then sand back.

thanks for the explanation. I had found many like it aleady using ‘celtic’ and ‘tree’. Thanks for sharing the material you used as filler. I may have to try some of that in green.

No problem Jeremy, I just seal the wood first with Melamine Lacquer, the only trouble I have had is on Oak with its open grain and it might take a couple of fills.

Thats a interesting idea. sounds easier then epoxy filling. What do you dye it with? Next time your making one take some process photos.

they look great!