Updated SW or STEP files for latest iteration of X-Carve?

Would anyone have an updated X-Carve model of the latest iteration of the X-Carve 1000mm model and it’s major accessories? (Router, Dust Collection, Controller Box?)

Wanting to design my table and potentially an enclosure, as well as have the machine model available for simulating CAM toolpaths.

Found the X-Controller here: https://workbench.grabcad.com/workbench/projects/gccWWqg7Xn5zxu1LdZaSw47oqtgERENMYrENtBVFZdqoJn#/space/gcJwpBtm1Xi6fwAxHTFBIGDQRc1Os0WlcxNAT9gWpzWs8w/link/256199

Found the dust collector here:

Still looking for the latest 1000mm X-Carve Model with the Extra 250mm board to the left of the waste board.

this is the link provided in the instructions.


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Perfect! Thank you.

That appears to be the 750mm machine. I’ll have to do some fiddling to extend everything out.

keep in mind that the outside dimensions are 1000X1000 but the cutting area is 750X750 as per this diagram.

Yes, the overall envelope should be 1250mm X 1000mm for the 1000x1000 machine.

The model is definitely the 750mm.