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Updated Z axis no limit switch mounting

In the middle of upgrading my Z axis and how do I mount the limit switch? It’s a CNC newbie Z axis probably 3 or 4 years old . This is a 2016 1000mm xcarve. Hence the upgrading! Any ideas or help will be appreciated! Greg

Did they send a switch with it?

No I’ve had this axis for a few years and I’m doing a upgrade and decided to set the limit Switches back up. I crushed 2 switches years ago and I just turned them off. Now I want them back and use homing.

Are there holes in the z axes to mount the switch?

Nope no holes

Mine has a 2.25" block on the top that the stepper mounts to and there are holes in it to mount the switch.

Ok I’ve checked this thing out and there aren’t any holes! I’m going to look it over again just to be sure today

Can you check with cnc4newbies and see what they say?

Is yours set up for direct drive or belt drive?

It’s direct drive

Mine looks the same but i have a block about 1.5" thick that goes between the the stepper motor and the z axes. Then the limit switch is fasten to the top of the block.

Yours may have more travel than mine

Looks the same other then the block.

Lol I may try the blue tape and superglue to attach it

If you get a microswitch, there are two small mounting holes that you could drill and tap for it like the other axes.

Microswitch | Inventables

Per cnc this z axis is discontinued even if I could add the switch the plate that moves wouldn’t contact it too narrow

I think you could add the switch to the left or right outside and add a plate to contact it. The microswitches aren’t that big and it doesn’t take much room to trigger them. I might just try some double sided tape with a couple blocks of wood just as proof of concept.

Oh I’m going to try to figure out something. May upgrade the Z axis next year at some point. Depending on if they have a good sale lol!