Upgrade Dewalt 611 with Porter Cable 7518

Hello, first post and just finished building my 1k x1k. I have been shopping around for bits and find that there are better options with having the ability to use 3/8" and 1/2" bits. The Dewalt 611 doesn’t have the capacity for these sizes, but the 7518 does. From what I can see, the PC spindle is .2" wider in diameter than the 611, and 2hp stronger. Do you imagine this would fit the existing 611 spindle mount, and be a reasonable upgrade? Thoughts and discussion appreciated!

My immediate concern would be weight. How much more does it weight then the 611? I could see a possible flexing of the standard x axes and I would be concerned about the added wear on the all of the motors and bearings.

The 611 is listed as approximately 5.1 lbs, and the 7518 is 14.4 lbs. That is a significant increase. With steel reinforcement on the x and z axis, and upgrade the M5 bolts (strength and length) that attach the y plates with the x axis makerslide, honestly, would it hold up solid?

it would be best to invest in a standard CNC spindle.
There are some decent 800W ones out there that are not to weighty. And they have better control.

Ok great!! Do you have a recommendation to where I could look? I had a quick look at VFD spindles in discussion, would those be what I would want in a 3/8" or 1/2" collet?