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Upgrade Instructions - Need single set accounting for both upgrade kits

I searched but didn’t see any other topics on this, but I’m sure there must be.

I recently completed the full upgrade kit on an XC1000. My biggest complaint is the separate instructions for each of the two kits, versus a full upgrade when taking both upgrades into consideration. I ended up reading through both completely to figure out where to adjust for installing both to reduce replication of effort. I still ended up having to disassemble a couple times what I had already upgraded to add in the ‘other’ kits parts.

Just wanted to provide this in an effort to minimize the install tasks for future upgrade kit purchasers.

On a side note, the upgraded machine is like having a completely new machine. Such a significant change from stock, highly recommended.

Since they have not combined the instructions as of yet, and I just ordered my upgrade. Care to share experiences?
Reading through the instructions for the Z axis I am confused about the $3 setting.

Because the stepper for the Z is no longer upside down you need to adjust your $3 setting to invert the stepper (before it would rotate clockwise to lift, now it will need to rotate counterclockwise to lift) You will want to read your current $3 value and adjust per this chart so that If Z was “Y” it will now be “N”… OR if Z was “N” it will now be “Y”… rather than making a blind change like the manual says to do, its better to read the current value and then modify based on that… Also some people have reported plug and play for the $3 which indicates that the 2 motors were wired inversely, which is actually quite common. Here’s that Chart:

Seems they have been listening, I reached out to support and got this back from them.


Ohh, that’s better. I’m still opposed to a program changing any grbl settings without making it a require the user to opt in to the software changing the settings…

BUT the addition of the upgrades to that screen are a nice improvement vs having to manually change these back after the machine setup…
Hopefully my video pointing this out this option missing when the upgrades were first released was taken in stride as constructive criticism and not as an outright bash of the initial oversight :grimacing: