Upgrade x-carve 500

is it possible to upgrade x-carve 500 mm to x-carve 1000 mm? What do you need to buy in addition for this and what can you use from the old version of x-carve 500 mm?

I started out with a Shapeoko2 and bought the needed materials to end up with a 750 x 1000 x carve. I don’t think Inventables is selling quite the variety of parts that they once did.

This is what I think you would need. (2)1000 mm X makerslide for the X axis if you are doing the early version or one “new” makerslide and carriage for the updated version. (2) 1000 makerslide for the Y axis. You’ll need belts for the longer span. I upgraded to 9mm belts. I added risers and stiffeners, and a cnc4newbies Z axis. I also added more extrusion to support the wasteboard and put in T slots for clamping. If you don’t have nema 23 motors, you might want them .

A lot of parts can be had on Amazon if Inventables isn’t carrying them, and you could always buy a used machine or parts off of Marketplace.

OpenBuilds carries a lot of parts, including bolt on V extrusion for V wheels that you can use with extrusion to make your own project ideas.

The upgrades were well worth the investment for me to make a more accurate machine.

Since prices recently dropped I’d expect to see some X carve bargains out there.

If you google X carve you’ll see other options as well, as the open source aspect has spawned many products.

OpenRail Linear Rail - OpenBuilds Part Store

X Carriage Extrusion – Inventables, Inc.

Wide MakerSlide – Inventables, Inc.

X-Carve DeWalt Spindle Mount – Inventables, Inc.

MakerSlide - Black Anodize - 5M Tapped – Inventables, Inc.

Gantry Side Plate – Inventables, Inc.

X-Carve Upgrade: 9 mm Belt and Motor Kit – Inventables, Inc.