Upgraded Z-Axis Cad File


I am working on my upgrade now, but I need to use induction homing switches (Hall effect), and it would be great to have the cad model so that I can design the mounts around it in Fusion360. Is there such files available?

Does someone from @InventablesXcarve read this? It would be great to have access to this to create my induction switch base.

Hey! I just spoke with @LukeWilson1 on our team (who designed the upgrades). We will work to get those files in a sharable format and send your way. The induction homing switches sounds like an awesome project.

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Thank you! Will be waiting for them!

Are you seeing more repeatability?
Are they induction switches or hall effect? You mention both.

Hall Effect sorry…. I really change them because they are touch less and durable in that regard and the point of contact is more repeatable for sure. No mechanical parts that bend and change over time. But I haven’t have a project where it would be noticeable.

However for the price they are great.

Induction would be a nice upgrade in the long run! I had purchased them but haven’t had a chance to install them.

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Is it possible I could get access to those CAD files as well?
among other modifications, i’m trying to design a mount for my Kress Spindle and i need to account for the new z-travel