Upgrades to my X carve

Looking at upgrading my machine and I cant decide between the TBD or the Newbies. The risers for each respective company are viewed differently. The CNC for newbies seems like more solid choice. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know Phil is enjoying his upgrade on his slider just looking at all options before I purchase. Thanks Steve

I have the CNC4Newbies X-Axis risers and also the Y axis stiffeners. They really make the machine much more solid and rigid. I like them a lot.
I also have their Z-Axis and is very solid.

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I have the TBD risers and stiffeners and a cnc4newbies Z axis. They are all good parts from what I’ve experienced.

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I got both from TBD. They are great parts and I had a great experience. I dont know who runs CNC4 and did not get a response from them when I first was asking questions, I did however have a nice convo with Luke about what I needed and wanted. Best of luck!

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Thanks just need to decide what to do. Steve

After much procrastinating and research I went with the CNC 4 newbies setup as I liked the riser plate design and wanted to keep it all under one setup/supplier. TBD does offer a solution to keep the X carve dust boot setup and that is what weighed on me to make a decision. Being I went with CNC 4 Newbies once I get it in house and installed will need to work out a solution for attaching the dust control.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Steve

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You won’t be disappointed.
This is how I attached my dust boot.
If you zoom in, you will see that I drilled and tapped the carriage to attach the arm T slots at the top and bottom.

I bought some aluminum tube and routed one side to create a channel to fit the X carve part. It worked fine. Basically the tube clips over the part at the top and bottom and is pulled tight like a clamp.

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Do you have a picture, and a part number? Thanks Steve

Thanks for the pic, looks like you made new parts to hold the dust shoe? is that cast acrilic?

Hi Steve,
When I first bought my machine (2016) I also bought the Suckit dust boot. (also great people to do business with)
That’s what your seeing.
I think since then Inventables has collaborated with Suckit to come out with their own system.
I may be wrong, but I think the Inventables system has aluminum boot arms (which are nicer)

Yep Mine has the aluminum risers, hopefully I can adapt them. Thanks Jan