Upgrades to the new x cave upgrades? Can someone explain the new x controller functions please?

So I just got in my upgrade kit for my 1000mm x cave and while I had it all apart I was wondering if it was worth making any mods for stiffening and what not. I was thinking possibly bolting a solid steel tube into the middle of the new x axis, would that help? Any other suggestions would be nice too.

Also I have the new x controller and I did some reading up on it but I’m still confused about some of the features.

Why would I want both y motors to be separate and doesn’t that take up the space for the fourth axis? Not that I see a fourth axis in my future but I dont get the point.

The other thing is the micro stepping. The directions where pretty vague about how any of that works. I’m not sure its ever a thing I would use but if I have the capability id like to set it up if its not going to make my normal work any harder to do, or at the very least know how its supposed to work.

  1. I believe a center rod will not stiffen anything further but I could be wrong.

  2. GRBL is a 3 axis only control system. As Bob stated, the two Y motors add slaved together so if you move one, the other moves. Electrically, they are connected to the same input (Arduino output).

  3. microstepping is enabled on all axis but it’s only certain levels per axis. Microstepping affects the torque of the motor. X and Y are setup for 8X microstepping and Z axis is set up for 2X when following the instructions. This allows for better resolution of motion. The stepper driver datasheet shows some about it: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/info/docget.jsp?did=14683&prodName=TB6600HG

So I shouldn’t have to change any of the settings then for micro stepping and it will just work like that as long as I tell easel I have the x controller.

I know grbl only supports three axis but I was under the impression you could still use the x controller with something else and use the fourth axis.

I had my old x axis stiffened with a flat steel bar to prevent deflection when milling aluminum, so I think the new x axis is stiffer but if I could get it even more so it’s worth doing.

take another look at your stepper motors , one is running clockwise and one is running counter clockwise.

I’d hope it’s fixed by now…

I guess I need new glasses huh.

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