Upgrading stepper timing pulleys-any suggestions?

I feel the provided pitch puleys are too soft and flimsy aluminum. I want strong, rugged pulleys with meaty screws to really ensure tight tolerance.

Before I search ebay I thought I’d ask if any of you have also upgraded and if so, a link where you bought 'em

Any other pulley or belt suggestions appreciated

I upgraded my belts and pulleys to he GT3 set up from Openbuilds. Replaced the set screws with M3 socket heads from Home Depot. Works great.

If you’re having trouble locking the pulleys onto the motor shaft, have you tried putting a small flat onto the shaft? This way, you don’t need to rely entirely on the ‘tightness’ of the grubscrew to stop it from slipping.
Just a thought…

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I have a small flat but the aluminum pulleys are crap. They are too soft of a material. I took Curtis suggestion and bought gt3’s and a better belt.

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The belts are softer than the pulleys.

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