Upgrading to DeWalt 611 from 24v - question regarding Gcode Sender


I am upgrading to the 611 from the (previously) default 24v spindle. I use Chilipeppr and UGS. Both turn on my spindle automatically and turn it off. Where / How do I control those settings so that it prompts me to turn on the spindle manually? Currently I zero out the work and press go. It raises the spindle then turns it on automatically. Will the new setup raise the spindle and pause for me? Just curious before I get into the upgrade.

You have a couple of options,

  1. you can just turn the Dewalt on before you press the send button in UGS. This works fine.


  1. you can wire in a 110volt relay controlled by the Spindle on/off logic signal from the Arduinio board. The relay will only control the power to the Dewalt not the speed.

There are several threads where that relay logic is discussed.

Yeah - but if you zero it out - won’t you “slightly” drill out your zero point each pass?

Meaning you zero it out - turn it on before hitting send… won’t that every so slightly drill out your zero point?

I have never had that problem, I always use a sheet of paper to zero the Z so the Z is about .003 above the surface.

The other option is that after you set the Z zero you can just jog the Z up a few mm before you switch the Dewalt on. The Grbl controller will remember the Z zero location

Oh gotcha -on the jog. SMH