Upside down triangle

My next project is a bath caddy and I want to make one with a compartment to store bath salt and soap with a lid that doubles as a stand for a tablet - like an ipad or for a book so I initially want to be bale to slide the lid into a notch. so I want to carve a notch that is an isosceles triangle that is the base as its widest and drills down to its apex for a given depth. like an upside down one. so the attachment is side view and top view. How Would I do that in Easel?

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you could use the Super Gradient Generator and a Lot of small stepdowns and an endmill to achieve a sort of slope like that.

Select the Lego Button on the left and search “super” and it’ll pop up… and you will need to define the shape, number of steps and all that in there… test a bunch to get the desired output, but I think this will do what you’re looking for,

I got what I think I want see attachment

I’ll try and see if it works

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