Urgent Help needed

Can someone please help me diagnose what is wrong with my Carvey?

Here is a video:

It started making this weird noise when it moves along the x-axis so I’ve had to halt production because I don’t want to damage it further. The noises started all of a sudden. I tried lubrifying the rails but it didn’t help.

I need help urgently so that I can finish a job to be delivered next week!!


If that was happening to mine, first thing I would do I open up the cover that will give you access to the X stepper motor and drive belt assembly. Not sure where that is (I think back cover). Shouldn’t be to hard to find. Once you can see the assembly, try sending the home command through Easel and observe what’s going on with a flashlight. Something making that much noise should be pretty obvious. My bet is something is loose and striking something. Hope this helps.

I think you might need to tweak your current pot. for the X axis. Mine (non X-Carve box) was doing same after a rebuild and wiring change.

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His problem is with a Carvey. Not questioning your advice just not sure if it applies to the Carvey.

No stepper current adjustments???

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When you figure out what the problem is please let us all know. Thanks

Thanks everyone. Ok, I’ll take the courage to open it up today.

About the rails, I clean them all the time with a brush and I lubricate with the W40 Teflon thing. No oil. I don’t know what the proper way to lubricate is but I thought this might be the best because it doesn’t become sticky or accumulate dirt.

Btw it would have been nice if the carvey came with a booklet of “How to take care” instructions :slight_smile:

My current status is that I have spent the past two days removing screw after screw to take the Carvey apart… I’ve cleaned every little motor, belt and rail that I encountered but I still could not solve the mystery…

What I have learnt is that the Carvey is quite a well-designed machine (form my point of view) but the locations of some screws are really… screwed up. I’ve had to buy new screw drivers to fit in some of the corners and there are some screws simply behind other things in places that I really cannot access. eg the screws behind the rails/pillars of the z-axis - how on Earth are you supposed to access them without removing the z-axis rails?

I also came across two screws which had been damaged (probably by over-tightening) during construction so my hexagonal key would simply turn inside it, without moving the screw. For those I had no choice but to cut them off… breaking my Carvey a bit, but otherwise it was a complete road-blocker…

I am now out of ideas. I would like to remove the x-axis rails but I haven’t managed it.
Has anyone done that before? Or can the Inventables guys help?