USA. cutout of all states

I still. trying to figure out carve and I would like to cut out the USA with either options which I will attach. I uploaded the USA to a SVG , however I cannot make the outter perimeter of the USA cut completely through 1/4 plywood but just engrave each states or the other option is to use a 3ft by 2 ft 1/4plywood and cut out just the states and leave it all connected to the original plywood if this makes sense… Where I got stuck is when I outline the USA, there is two outer perimeter lines so it would cut the entire thing out which is what I want to avoid.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you.

It’s fairly common for svg conversions to create a dual outline. You need to delete one.

Do this by clicking on the outline and hitting the letter e to edit the points. Then click on a point and hit the delete key over and over until the second outline is all gone.

Can you share the file? one of us can help you this seems fairly simple to correct.

Vectric Aspire have 1 opcion delete duplicate vector?