USB-C Powered Soldering Fan / Tower


Here’s my latest ( actually a revisited ) USB-C All the Things project:

▲ USB-C Powered Soldering Fan / Tower with a Vandalism Switch indicating the USB-C PD Trigger Board being operational via a white LED Ring - Pushing the Switch will then turn on the Fans.

The black MDF was CNCed on my X-Carve ( Basement Hobby Workshop - Album on Imgur ) whereas the Aquacomputer Stainless Steel Grate was upcycled from my old ( like really old ) Water Cooled PC.

▲ Rear side of the Grate holding the Active Charcoal Filters in place.

▲ USB-C PD Trigger Board set to 12V ( 5, 9, 12, 15, 20V choices possible ) and hooked to an Extension Cable with the actual Power coming from a USB-C Power Delivery capable 65W Charger also powering my MiniWare TS80P USB-C Soldering Iron.

The Fans used are a set of 3x 120mm Noctua ones left over from an old PC.

▲ Neatly CNCed USB-C Port on the back of the housing.

My next “USB-C All the Things!” Project will most likely be revisiting my LED Strip Arc Light ( 3D Printed LED Strip Arc Light - Album on Imgur )

Last Project was a USB-C powered Pump to quickly transfer IPA from a storage tank to a SLA Resin Cleaning Station ( Formlabs Form Wash USB-C powered Pump - Album on Imgur )


Love this! #usballthethings