USB-C that works with the controller

Recently built a dedicated laptop stand for the XCP, and i am trying to recess the usb cable that goes to the controller. So far I have had no luck with cables other than the one provided with the machine, and even that one seems to be directional. Has anyone bought new cables, preferably longer cables, that will work? I can’t get the carve button to turn green with any other cables.

If it matters i am using MacOS with the M1 MacBook air. Even apples USB-C cables don’t work.

The pc will supply 5v needed to power the cnc controller arduino chip, so using an externally powered USB hub might help, that said the XCP controller happens to be horrendous for noise interference so using the shortest, highest quality, cable, with ferrite beading and gold conductors will be optimal :man_shrugging:

is it the usb cable only that can benefit from Ferrite beads?

Well they put one on every cable inside the XCP controller, so someone knew there was some amount of noise issue or they wouldn’t have done that. What other cables did you want to put ferrites on?

Unless it’s changed for newer machines than mine (I got one of the first), the usb c cable needs to be 2.0 not 3.0/3.1.

When I plugged in my newer usb c cables (3.0+) it didn’t recognize being connected to the estop controller box (HMI) — through some testing found that the usb c cables have to be 2.0 or it wouldn’t work.


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