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USB to Cat cable

Okay, i just got my X Carve setup and did a few test cuts which were small off my macbook Air all went well. Went to make a bigger project and i get the this program is running slow to to lack of memory in easel. I have a a gaming/CAD PC but its about 50ft away instead of buying a laptop can i run the RJ45 usb connectors to CAT cable? Do i risk losing packets or code being so far away? Trying not to buy a laptop if i dont need to my macbook air only has 4 gigs or memory and cannot be upgraded. thanks

I am running my CNC with a 2009 Macbook - No issues.
Easel is not very hardware demanding.

Dont know regarding your primary question :wink:

It lists a 3-wire-cable on the partlist but I wonder if I can just cut open old cables I have in my household and use the small wires inside them.

I’ve searched on google for USB cables and seen ones with 3 small wires inside them but also some with 2 or 5 and it isn’t consistent with the type of cable (so, eg not every USB mini cable has 2 wires inside). Is there a way to determine beforehand how many wires are inside a cable? Or perhaps I can just take 2 wires out of one cable and the third out of another?

What are you trying to accomplish?

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