Use last setting for z axis but set new xy zero

Currently can choose to use either last xy 0 or both xy and z 0. Would like to sometimes only use last z 0. Maybe just checkboxes on the zeroing page?

As a workaround for now: since at the end of a carve the bit is returned to X Y Z+something, when you press Carve again, you could type the “something” in the jog options and move Z back to 0.

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I like the setup in UGS where you can reset the X, Y Z zero positions individually, something like that would be nice in Easel. And in an easy to find location, it seems to bury some of the commends under the advanced, etc, etc options.

I do too.
However one can reset axes individually by using gcode commands in Easel Machine Inspector (MI).
Sending G92 Z0 through the MI Console window will reset Z work zero to current Z-position.
Sending G92 Z2 will set current postion 2mm above Z-zero.

It seems like all the best features in Easel are hidden away (from me, at least). I’ve made a note of that, thanks.

Remember that G92 commands are temporary offsets. They will clear on a reset or by sending G92.1
You can use G10L20 to make the locations persist across resets and power cycles.

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I feel Easel is a “turn-key” user interface for carvers and not tinkerers, with its pros and cons.
Compared to UGS UI for instance its very different, I would greatly appreciate Easel MI would show a similar UI/functionality/laout :slight_smile:

Neil - thank you for adding in, very useful og G10 vs G92 :slight_smile: